School of Design
Industrial Design
May 17–21

WantedDesign Brooklyn
Industry City
220 36th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition and presentation: May 17–21

The Antigua Project

For the third consecutive year, a group of designers from Pratt Institute, led by Rebecca Welz, Adjunct Professor in the Industrial Design and Foundation Departments, traveled to Antigua, Guatemala. They collaborated with local weavers, woodworkers, leatherworkers, a shoemaker, a welder, seamstresses, and a silversmith to hand-fabricate products. The group will present the collection of work from their 2017 trip.

Conscious Design

We have reached a point where all design must become conscious. Conscious Design is design created from a space of interconnected awareness with a mission to help the natural world and our communities flourish. The exhibition will showcase innovative design projects and products that not only push the boundaries of our creativity but also embody our shared responsibility. The emphasis of Pratt projects from the class of Professor Rebecca Welz is on biomimicry and protection of the oceans from plastic waste.

Work by Pratt ID group, BID ’18