School of Design
Interior Design
April 26

Juliana Curran Terian Design Center
Pratt Studios, 2nd Floor
Pratt Brooklyn Campus
200 Willoughby Avenue
12–6 PM

The Thesis Project, conceived of and finished during Senior year, is an opportunity for students to begin to define themselves as designers who work through current topics, methodologies, and intentions. Students expand and build upon design processes, research, and analysis undertaken throughout the curriculum to develop their thesis, often taking a position concerning broader cultural, social, and theoretical issues. Therefore, Thesis Projects demonstrate an interior design proposal that is informed by a comprehensive program of use, is responsive to the particularities of a selected building and site, and ultimately addresses an authentic conceptual position relative to the many issues of inhabitation.

Faculty: Karin Tehve, Sheryl Kasak, Annie Coggan, Melissa Cicetti, Alex Schweder, Marcelo Lopez-Dinardi, John Nafziger

Work by Christina Park, BFA Interior Design ’18