School of Design
Interior Design
April 27

Juliana Curran Terian Design Center
Pratt Studios, 2nd Floor
Pratt Brooklyn Campus
200 Willoughby Avenue
9 AM–5 PM

In their final year of two or three years, graduate students develop a thorough, cohesive and defensible thesis proposition that is critically located physically and conceptually in the broader context of interior design. Students work through individual methodologies, proposing and testing design strategies toward the synthesis of a thesis project’s various components. Individual projects are supported in written, verbal, and graphic formats documenting research and analysis, experimentation, and the application of design methodologies concerned with use, materiality and broad aspects of sustainability, to formulate detailed and integrated final proposals. Projects represent design solutions of significant scope and complexity regarding emerging issues in the interior built environment, and showing mature correlation between many phases of hypothetical design and construction.

Faculty: Loukia Tsfoulia, Jon Otis, Woody Rainey, David Foley, Claudia Hernandez, Marc Schaut

Work by Matthew Dowsett, MS Interior Design ’17, and Jahoon Kwon, BFA Interior Design ’17